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You & Me Children's Center, Inc. parent letters

“Our son has been attending You and Me Preschool since June 2012. In the short time he has been attending, we have been extremely impressed with love, care and high level of attention the staff has shown our son. At first, we were worried about the potentially challenging transition into a new school and making new friends. The directors and teachers, however, have been very accessible and have actively and creatively worked with us and our son to make his experience at school a fun and socially rewarding learning experience. When we pick our son up in the afternoons, he is always excited to tell us about what he made or learned, or what he and his friends did that day. We would highly recommend You and Me to any family looking for a preschool where the staff are warm, compassionate, and creative people who are highly oriented toward the children’s fun, learning, safety, and emotional well-being.”

- Sloane and Derek


“You & Me is the best children's center around! We love how friendly, loving and caring the staff is! Our kids have learned so much at the school and love going there! Such an amazing place for our children to learn!”

- Matt & Katie Young


“We love You and Me because they give enriched curriculum to prepare children for school. They go beyond the call of duty to offer children the support, nurturing and love that kids need to thrive every day. Both our kids have been attending You and Me since they were 3 months old and their hugs, smiles and comfort that the staff gives to children is what they need to learn, grow and be their very best. We love You and Me because they love our kids.”

- The Baker Family


“My son was eight months old when I had to return to work. I agonized over where to send him. In-home daycare? Montessori? Believe me, I researched and toured many schools, but none of them gave me the same feeling that You and Me did. The teachers are amazing. They have a tender and respectful way of interacting with the kids. My son has thrived. He has learned so much and loves coming to school. He is now a Mighty Monkey and comes home each day with enthusiasm and shares what he has learned. My infant daughter just joined the Lovebugs and is so well taken care of. As hard as it is to be away from my children, I trust You and Me. I know that the teachers love and respect my kids. Anne, the owner, and Albertine, the director, really work with families. You and Me is the best.”

- Amy


“When we first began our search for daycare options for our oldest son we wanted to be sure wherever we decided to go had a learning and socialization component to their program. Our son has been attending You & Me for over four years now and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The care and attention he has received during that time is beyond what we could have hoped for. The staff is communicative and very effective when dealing with the issues that young children typically experience. Putting a child’s well-being in the hands of others is one of the most difficult things a parent will ever do, but the You & Me administration and teaching staff put our minds at ease long ago. We look forward and without worry to sending our youngest to You & Me next year.”

- The MacNeill Family


“We have had our children at You and Me Children's Center since 2007. We started my oldest son there when he was 2 years old, in the Jr. Preschool Program. He continued on until he finished preschool. We added my youngest son there in the infant program when he was 4 months old in 2008, he is now currently in Preschool there. We absolutely LOVE You and Me Children's Center and so do our kids. We have referred many friends and family there as well and they say the same thing. You and me staff are trustworthy, kind and genuinely care about your kids. My son Brayden runs in every morning to school to say hi to the teachers and is greeted with a huge hug and how happy they are to see him. My kids love going there because there are all sorts of activities, reading, crafts and playing with all their friends. My kids have learned sharing, how to be kind to one another, using their imaginations and how to start writing/reading. I am so happy that I found You and Me Children’s Center and love seeing the pure excitement look on my son's face when I say to him, ‘Time to go to school!’”

- The Garibaldi Family


“We couldn't be more happy with You & Me Children's Center! The staff is incredible with the children! It is evident that the teachers care so much for all of the kids. The staff's teaching experience with children shines through day in and day out. They create both a nurturing and learning environment for all age groups. Our children have always been so excited to go to school at You & Me. They run up to their teachers and give them hugs in the morning--it is very comforting to know they will be in great hands while they are away from you. Our nieces and nephews went here as well spanning over 15+ years; the eldest still remembers with fondness the positive experience he had at You & Me Children's Center!”

- The Kavanaugh Family


"Our family has been cared for, loved and early educated at You & Me Children’s Center for over four years.  

Our daughter came to the center in 2007 at age 15-months and is now absolutely thriving in Kindergarten-- thanks to You & Me. Similarly, our son started in 2009 at just 3-months old, has made incredible learning and social strides over the past three years, and will also be well-prepared for Kindergarten. Our entire family has had a very positive experience at You & Me, which we attribute to the outstanding teachers and excellent management staff.


The teachers are extremely loving, patient and family-oriented, and really treat your child as if he/she were their own. In addition, the teachers are always willing to take the time to share information about your child’s day—be it when your child is ill, sad, happy, or has had a challenge or success.


Another asset of the center is that some of the teachers have tenure long enough to have cared for some of today’s parents! When parents enroll their children at the center, then those children have children who enroll their kids - to me, that says something pretty special about the quality of care.


The management staff of the center is very kind, professional, positive and attentive, and always takes the time to listen to any concerns parents may have about their children. In addition, management is very service-oriented and communicative, and really goes out of their way to try to meet the needs of parents and families.


And when it comes to celebrating and learning about holidays, seasons and special/historic days or events, the center is always very festive and inclusive of its children. The center offers dress up days, gymnastics days, special celebrations that include its senior community neighbors, and hallways and classrooms decorated with our children’s artwork. I love walking through the center during a holiday or special season and taking in the spirit and energy!


If your family is searching for a positive, loving, nurturing, healthy, secure, and well-managed learning environment for your child, please visit You & Me. The center is located away from street traffic, in a historic Petaluma building, which also gives our family peace of mind. We LOVE You & Me, and would highly recommend it to anyone considering enrollment. You & Me really is the BEST in Petaluma!"

- Dina Solis


"As parents, we are excited to witness the growth our daughter has experienced at You and Me. She has expanded her social skills and understands the importance of respect and appropriate interactions with others. She has also blossomed as she masters the "academic foundations" she will need to thrive. Imagine our excitement (and her's) when our just turned three-year-old wrote her name (unprompted) for the first time!"

- Kristin Nelson

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